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Avoid Doing These Things Before Exercise

The habit of exercising to get perfect shape is of course very important. However, avoid doing these things before you hitting gym for exercise.

Drinking too Much Water

Drinking water is good to keep the body away from dehydration. But if you drink too much, it can backfire. Your kidneys need time to process the water that enters the body. If you drink more than one-liter water, you are endangering yourself because it increases the likelihood of hyponatremia. It is a condition where the blood becomes diluted, and the concentration of sodium ions also drops.

Eating Spicy Foods

Like to eat super spicy rendang in your favorite stalls? You may eat the food, but it should not be before exercise. “Eating spicy foods in large portions is not recommended because it can increase the chance of heartburn during your workout,” Georgie said. Combine with running or jumping movements during exercise. The stomach produces more stomach acid that causes irritation and leads to heartburn sensations.

Drinking Alcohol

Maybe you just meet with friends and drink alcohol in the event. If you have a plan to exercise after hang-out with friends, undo your intentions. Drinking alcohol can lower your blood sugar levels. As a result, the body feels weak and headache. Be careful, and this condition makes you vulnerable to injury.

Long Sleep

Thinking to recharge your batteries with little sleep before going to the gym? According to the study, no more than 30 minutes. Sleeping for 20-30 minutes will indeed give you extra energy, but sleeping too long than 30 minutes cause drowsiness and fatigue.


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