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Foods That Helps Burn Fat

We sure do need to be careful about what we eat, in these times when obesity is as much of a problem as being underweight. Losing weight is not just about having a regular exercise routine. It also entails eating the right foods in the right amount. There are foods that will help us lose weight faster than the others. They are the so-called fat-burning foods.

There are a lot of fat-burning foods and drinks that we can easily find around us. Examples of which include lean meat, whole grains, almonds, peanut butter, berries, hot peppers, and green tea.

Lean Meat:

When we say lean meat, they are meat that have high-protein and low-fat content. Protein has a very high thermogenic effect thereby allowing us to feel full and lose weight at the same time. Good sources of lean meat include turkey and chicken. It is recommended that we eat only seven servings of lean meat each week.


Nuts, in general, contain a high amount of protein. With the high-thermogenic effect of protein, we can expect to lose more calories when we eat almonds and other nuts.

Whole Grains:

Sources of whole grains include oatmeal and brown rice. Burning whole grains requires our bodies twice as much calories as compared to burning processed foods. Thus, when we eat more of this kind of foods, we spend more energy and thereby losing weight faster.

Hot Peppers:

Eating spicy foods with cayenne and peppers burns more calories because hot peppers contain a compound that heats up our bodies. This heat in turn burns calories. If you want to lose weight fast, try eating as much spicy foods as you can.


Eating berries boosts our feeling of fullness thereby reducing our cravings. The less we think of food, the less we tend to eat. Plus, they are also healthy sources of carbohydrates.

Peanut Butter:

Eating enough peanut butter boosts our bodies ‘ testosterone levels. Research have shown that a normal level of testosterone in the body has an effect on losing weight. Both men and women can benefit from having a normal level of testosterone in the blood stream.

Green Tea:

Green tea contains a substance called Epicallocatechin gallate or EGCG that boosts our bodies‘ metabolism. Taking moderate amounts of green tea is like hitting two birds with one stone. EGCG in the body helps break down fats from the cells which results in an increased amount of energy for our daily activities. Green tea can be taken hot or cold.


One common characteristic of these foods is their high-protein content. We have to remember that we should eat these fat-burning foods together with other kinds of foods because our bodies can still benefit from carbohydrates and fats if we eat them in moderation. The good thing about these foods is that we do not need to eat a lot in order to feel full. Balanced meals and exercise can surely come a long way if we commit to doing them regularly.


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