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Top Benefits Of Raw Food Diet For Dogs

This article is about why switching your dog to the raw dog food diet is one of the best decisions you can make for your pet.

Why? Dogs evolved eating the raw dog food diet. They are not ‘designed’ to eat corn and wheat which comprises about half of what is in commercial kibbles and canned pet foods.

Oh yeah! The raw dog food diet or the ancestral diet has so many benefits, it will knock your socks off! Touted by many as the ‘miracle’ diet for dogs, especially for those with a lot of ailments, the raw dog food diet works because it is the most ‘normal’ diet for our four-legged woofies.

Top Benefits:

Firmer Stools;

How would you like for your fur baby to have firmer stools? No more messy pick-up for you, right? No one wants to clean up a dog’s liquid-y stools. By feeding your dog raw and perhaps supplementing with probiotics, you’ll say goodbye to that problem.

Healthier Coat:

Okay, maybe you’re someone who goes for looks, we’ve got just the thing for you! Notice how wild dogs (not strays) and wolves always look like they’ve just been to the groomer’s? Surely they don’t have some hidden doggy salon in the woods right? It’s all about the diet!

The raw dog food diet gives dogs healthier skin and coat because their dietary needs are fully taken care of. No need to give extra fish oil, or add a ton of supplements, just let nature do what it is supposed to do.

Goodbye Allergies:

Do you know that the top food allergens for dogs are wheat and corn? By eliminating them from your dog’s diet, you’ll end up with a healthier pooch to spend time with. No more allergy drama and piling-up vet bills, just happy, healthy four-legged baby, just as you wanted.

If your dog’s breed is particularly prone to allergies or if your dog simply cannot escape from allergens especially in the spring and summer, then you can also try homeopathic remedies specifically designed for your dog’s symptoms and condition. A custom remedy might just do the truck, and there are no contraindications with feeding your dog raw plus it’s a lot cheaper than conventional treatments as well.

Hello Pearly Whites:

Okay, your dog’s teeth may not necessarily turn pearly white but it will definitely be a lot better than when your pooch is fed the commercial stuff. It’s not just the teeth though, gums will be a lot healthier and bad breathe is addressed as well. Your pooch would be as kissable as can be and you won’t feel the need to try to not get ‘licked’ by your fur-baby anymore.

Improved Digestion:

How about just an overall improved digestion? Have you noticed that some dogs get a lot of gas, and sometimes looks like they are having some digestive discomfort? Ever had a dog throw up after a ‘hearty’ meal of manufactured dog food or kibble? Things like that are almost never a problem with the raw dog food diet, so you might want to try it.

Immune System Boost:

Why is it that wild dogs and wolves seem to have less diseases and health problems compared to our domestic pooches? One factor is definitely their diet. Eating raw on a frequent basis seems to make them hardier than their pampered counterparts because they have a better immune system. The raw dog food diet menu also features a lot of fatty acids and other immune-system boosting nutrients. Not only that, but the raw feeding reduces the incidence of inflammatory conditions significantly.

Better Energy:

Ever felt that your pooch has too much energy or sometimes not enough energy? What your fur-baby eats has a lot of effect on behavior as well as energy levels. A surge of carbs from kibbles can give your dog an energy spike making him or her super restless, and then the drop makes them feel tired.

In addition, additives in commercial food can make your pooch almost lethargic at times and a bundle of loose wires the next. Pet parents who’ve placed their Jekyl and Hyde fur-babies on the raw dog food diet report a stabilizing of the crazy energy level highs and lows. Wouldn’t you want the same too?

Prevents Arthritis and Diabetes: 

The fatter and older your pet gets, the more prone he or she is to diabetes and arthritis, and of course no one wants that. By going for raw feeding, you’ll minimize the possibility of having a diabetic pooch by preventing your pooch from having spikes in blood sugar. The decreased possibility of inflammatory conditions and the boosted immune system help in preventing and addressing arthritis too.

Better Physique:

Have you noticed how beautiful wild dogs and wolves are? How beautiful the muscle tone is, and how none of them seem to be struggling with weight issues a.k.a dog obesity? It’s because they are on the raw dog food diet.

Just the added challenge of ripping and chewing raw meat is an exercise in itself, your pet may not become ‘buffed’ but will surely have better posture and appearance.

Much More Challenging

What would your dog do without kongs and plush toys? The thing is, a dog fed raw meat with big bones still attached has no need for plush toys and kongs. They get all their fun from the added physical and mental challenge of having to tackle a ‘large’ prey. Bonus points? This also keeps their teeth shiny and strong as well.


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